Posted on Oct 7, 2010 in Portfolio

Surf City Palms

I starting planting tropical palms in my yard in 2005 and was introduced to exotic palms in 2008. Once I saw what was out there, I was HOOKED! Never in my life did I imagine that there were so many beautiful palms that would thrive in my local area.

Being in an urban community I was subject to the monopoly of my local nursery and big box stores. I bought a weird looking palm from Costco and searched online in attempt to see what it was (since I have found out it was a Spindle Palm). Once I got online I saw everything that was out there; I wanted a lot of it! The only way I was able to afford everything I wanted was the find a way to germinate my own palms from seed (many of which I collected while on vacation in tropical destinations).

It took me a few attempts and hours of searching for “How To’s” online, but I finally figured out the trick to germinating palms from seed. Today, I have all of the palms I have ever wanted in my collection and great satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with others. I’m not in this for the money only to pay for my hobby and get others as excited about tropical palms as I am!