Posted on Aug 2, 2012 in News

OSX Mountain Lion has removed the ability to display the battery’s time remaining to either discharge, or charge. A minor feature to some, but to professionals working on a Macbook, this can prove invaluable. Having 20% battery life remaining does not mean much. What is really needed is the remaining time one can work until that mad dash for a power outlet.

OSX ML users now only have two choices:

  1. Display the percentage remaining in the menu bar
  2. Click the battery icon and view the time remaining in the drop down menu

This could be another move by Apple to unify OSX and iOS. On an iPhone or iPad, this same limited feature exists. You can choose to display the percentage remaining, or just the battery icon itself.

Regretfully, much like the limited Screen Mirror feature, we’re relegated to third party apps at this point.

Mountain Lion fail.