Over the past 20 years that ClearCode has been in business, the company has provided cutting edge solutions for companies around the world. Now with clients on four continents, ClearCode can bring the benefit of this international experience to your next project.

Before the internet was as ubiquitous as it is today, CCS was developing desktop applications for client’s such as ArmorAll and Price Pfister, as well as companies in Australia, Europe, Central America and Asia.

When the world moved online, ClearCode Software moved with it. Since 1999, CCS has been developing leading edge websites and web applications for an equally diverse set of clientele.

The current day Internet requires a vast array of skills, which is typically split into two main groups: web design, and web development. The difference can be found in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Some people are “left-brained” and therefor highly logical, while others may be “right-brained” and favor their creative side.

For a site to be successful in today’s market, it needs a strong influence from both of these groups. Not only does a modern day website require programming in many different computer languages, it also needs to pop off the page by being visually stunning. The team at ClearCode Software has the expertise and experience to succeed in both these areas.

Backed up by a repertoire of over 120 computer languages, and nearly 15,000 man hours of graphic design, the team at ClearCode Software can make your vision a reality. This history allows for a natural guidance during the development process. The end result is a beautiful product both technically and visually.

Make your next web project a success by contacting ClearCode Software today.