ClearCode Software provides integrated solutions for today’s modern web. From the initial interview, proposal & wire framing, prototype development, design implementation, project launch, and product support, ClearCode is dedicated to our clients.

Initial Interview

Perhaps the most important step in our process is the initial interview. A key aspect of the initial interview is learn as much as possible about the client and their business. By taking a genuine interest in the client’s industry, ClearCode can better understand what is required for each project to be a success.

Another goal of the initial interview is to define the scope and objectives for each new project. This may range from simple items such as color scheme and logos, to more complicated items such as feature lists and search engine optimization. Many projects require custom programming for specific features and these will be discussed during the initial interview.

Proposal & Wire Framing

Armed with a solid understanding of the client’s business and their vision for the project, ClearCode’s next step is create a detailed proposal outlining exactly what the project encompasses. For a website project, proposals are often broken down by webpage, listing what each page should show and what components are present. Specific content is not required at this point, but simply an overview of what the end result will look like.

Along with the proposal, ClearCode includes a wire frame for each type of page in the project. This is a type of blueprint used for web design and shows where components will be placed on the page. A wire frame for the home page will look very different from the About Us page, and different still from the Contact Us page, and so on. This step is important to allow both parties to agree on an overall site layout.

Prototype Development

This is the first graphic design work that goes into a web project. Having discussed color schemes, received logos and any available corporate material, and with the wire frames approved, ClearCode can now develop a prototype for the client’s new project. This is perhaps the most subjective step in our process.

In a perfect world, the first prototype will be the total embodiment of our client’s dream site. Realistically however, this step often goes back and forth between ClearCode’s creative department and client. This is a perfectly natural process and only makes for a better end result.

Design Implementation

Once the prototype is finalized and approved, the web site goes into active development. A temporary web address is created so that clients can follow along as the development proceeds. We have found feedback during the initial implementation process to be invaluable.

This step also requires the most amount of work from the client. Before a project can launch, the website needs content. This means not only text for each page, but product pictures, facility pictures, contact information, PDF documents, and anything else outlined in the proposal to complete the project. It may not be as daunting as it sounds, since much of this information can be copied from current company material.

Project Launch

After a lot of hard work by both ClearCode and client, the project is finally ready to launch. At this point each step has been approved, content has been reviewed and signed off on, and ClearCode has received the green light to launch. It is a very exciting time in the project’s progression.

To launch a website it usually takes one day or less to complete, depending on the complexity of the project and hosting environments involved. If a current site exists, a complete backup is created and stored offline before any changes are made. The new site is then uploaded over a very high speed internet connection to help minimize downtime for the client.

Then testing begins. A complete inventory of the site is taken and all features are thoroughly tested. This process often creates “dummy emails” from contact forms, newsletter/member sign-ups, or any other situation where a contact might be generated.

The project is considered “launched” only after these tests have passed and the site is functioning as expected.

Product Support

ClearCode’s job does not end here. Further maintenance, expansion, or simply a bit of training is often sought after a website has launched. New ideas are thought of, product lines change, new markets are entered. ClearCode supports it’s clients in any manner that is needed. We are only ever an email or phone call away.

Contact ClearCode Software today and find out how we can help you grow your business.