Development History

The name ClearCode was first considered while walking along a beach in beautiful Southern California. The company was searching for a name, one that promotes clarity, focus, and dedication. After several options were considered, ClearCode Software was born, and the rest, as they say, is history.

ClearCode Software is proud to have developed one of the world’s first VoiceMail systems back in 1989. The technology consisted of an IBM XT computer, a 1200 baud modem, an answering machine and a basic pager. ClearCode developed a solution which monitored a phone line, waited for certain signatures to occur, then paged a client if a voice message was detected. Humble enough compared to today’s standards of cell phones and email. At the time, this was cutting-edge technology.

In 1994, the Huntington Beach Police Department was exploring new options for their Emergency Medical Teams. ClearCode Software proposed a revolutionary new design based on high-tech computer tablet devices, similar to today’s Apple iPad. This system, using cellular fax modems, would transmit pages of data to a destination hospital while an ambulance was en-route. By converting the EMT’s paper forms into a digital format, ClearCode’s software saved time, money, and most importantly, lives.

ClearCode has continued to produce innovative solutions for U.S. industry leaders such as Price Pfister, Armorall, and BDS Marketing, as well as AIP Laboratories (Australia), EquityLender (UK), realty companies in Central America, manufacturers in Asia, and countless others around the world. Although the company has a global view of today’s modern Internet, ClearCode Software believes that quality customer care is best provided through a focused vision. Local market, local language, local culture & target audience are primary factors when analyzing new projects.

We look forward to developing your project together.

Thank you,

President / CEO
ClearCode Software